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Capturing your moments, bringing them to life.

I love to look at life through the lens of a camera. I started photographing weddings for friends over 10 years ago. Soon word spread of my new found talent and it lead me to continue in a pursuit that brings me great joy. Photography for me is a progression of learning new and fresh approaches with the evolving trends of photojournalism, but also keeping in mind traditional poses that will give a timeless feel to your photographs. I love to capture those candid, unpredictable moments that bring photographs to life. I specialize in the use of natural lighting and the outdoors but will also capture your moments in an indoor setting giving the photograph that "at home" feel.

September 25th, 2004 was an eventful day in my life as I married my partner in life and business. Dean, who has a talent in nature and outdoor photography, will join me as my assistant. This will allow us to cater to your needs on your special day in a more detailed and specific manner. Our commitment is to serve you whatever the occasion, with ease and professionalism, capturing those moments that will leave a timeless impression... capturing what a blink can miss, releasing a thousand words.

Dean & Julie